Friday, April 18, 2008

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Congratulations Rene!

Well, it's been a pretty tough week for Rene (and us), especially with us losing Jake, but I'm happy to report that Rene became a US citizen today! Hooray! He went for the interview in the morning and they told him to stick around for the swearing in ceremony in the afternoon. I felt bad that we couldn't be there, but glad that this is all behind him.

Congratulations, Rene!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Farewell, sweet Jake

It's been an emotional day. The girls and I are in NY visiting my parents. Rene is in Augusta, leaving for Atlanta tomorrow. The folks at the kennel where Jake was staying called this morning and said Jake had a minor seizure. Late in the day, Jake was having a few seizures. Rene and the nice man at the kennel got Jake to the animal hospital, and sadly, we had to put him down. Jake was 12 1/2.

I haven't told the girls yet, but they know he's sick. Tomorrow is our big day in the city and I want them to enjoy it.

Jake was a sweet, sweet dog. He loved to eat (and eat!) and play. He loved to swim in the ocean and the lake. He was sweet to our girls from the moment they came home.

Jake has been with Rene from when he lived in Calgary. Moved with him to the San Francisco area and then of course moved with us to Georgia.

Farewell, sweet Windy River Jake of Riverbend.