Saturday, September 30, 2006

Fall and random notes

Well we had a week or two without air conditioning, but now it's back on. Evenings are getting bit cooler though. Makes me feel like pumpkin bread and homemade soup! (both of which I've made this week.

Erin is now a Daisy girl scout. She has a meeting every other week. Last week, Erin attended the Magic Slippers Masquerade Ball for area girl scouts. Erin's troop got dressed up as princesses! Click here for pictures. Also pictures of Lauren at school on picture day (wouldn't let the professional photographer take her picture). Oh, and me with a king and queen at the Rennaissance festival!

Don't worry, Daisy Scouts don't sell cookies, so I won't hit anyone up! (Next year, however...) If you do have any of the pink boxtops for education on general mills cereal boxes, betty croker, ziplock bags, and many other brands, you could send them our way. :)

Rene was away last week in Raleigh, NC. We survived. He arrived home just in time to see Princess Erin return from her masquerade ball.

Lauren and I recently went to a mom's club sponsored field trip at the airport on Tuesday. It's a small airport, not the oh so grand Augusta airport, but it was great! We got to walk around the planes, meet the mechanics, talk to the medivac helicopter pilot and peek in his helicopter, and the kids got to sit in a small airplane. Lauren chose not to get in the plane.

For Halloween, Erin will be (surprise, surprise) a princess. Lauren prefers to be Lauren for Halloween.

Christmas plans are underway and we expect that there will be 10 of us here, and we're excited about that.

Daisy had to get shaved last week as her hair got too crazy. She looks like a completely different dog, a somewhat freakish one.

Yesterday, Daisy ran out into the front yard and pooped. Being the good dog caretaker that I am, I went out with some plastic bags to remove the offending items. Erin came out yelling, "Mommy, there's a phone call for you!" Erin's never answered the phone before, so I was surprised. I took the phone. It was my doctor's office, letting me know my thyroid check was AOK. I asked Erin what she said to the lady on the phone. She said, "I told her that Jeanne was outside picking up poop!" Oh well, I guess I gave the nurse a laugh.

Today is the start of Erin's fall break. We went to the library park this morning and then met Rene for lunch. I went to the rest room, and came back to discover that Lauren had gotten sick! So we all dashed home. Rene changed clothes quick and went back to work. We're just hanging out. Laure is in good spirits, so I think she's fine. Always something around here!

Friday, September 15, 2006

Working girl

My mom sent me this old newspaper clipping of herself from way back when she was a working "girl". (See how the caption refers to ladies as "girls"). Not sure of the date (need to check with mom), but I'm guessing approximately 50 years ago! Anyway, looking good, mom! (She's in the foreground, in the dark skirt, cardigan sweater with the oh so cute purse!)

Click on the photo to see a larger version (then hit your browser back button to return).

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Friday, September 08, 2006

Special helper of the day

Erin was the special helper of the day. She came home with a large piece of paper that said the following:

Today is Wednesday, September 6, 2006.
Erin is our special helper today.
P.E. is Erin's favorite school activity. She likes pink. Her favorite number is one million. Erin likes the story, "Jack in the Beanstalk." Her favorite animals are flamingos.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

A few updates...

It's been brought to my attention that it's been an entire month since I last posted here. Whoops! Time flies. Here's some quick updates:

Erin's doing well in school. After a few days, we found out they needed to add a new kindergarten class and Erin's name was chosen in a lottery to move to the class. I was upset, but Erin didn't bat an eye. It's been an exhausting month for her, but she's doing well. Erin has Spanish class 4 times a week. She's starting to read some words, and has completely memorized her phone number, area code and all! Yeah Erin!

Speaking of area codes, months ago they implemented 10-digit dialing in the Augusta area. Which means if I want to call my neighbor across the street, I need to dial the area code. Without the "1" in front. If you dial the one, you get some recording that you've dialed in error. Arrrgggh!

The carpool line at school sucks. I get there 30 minutes early and sit there with all the other moms (and a few dads) just so Erin doesn't have to wait in the heat for 20 minutes for me to get her. Half the time, Lauren sleeps, which is fine, because then I get to read. When it cools down, I can take Lauren to the school playground.

Lauren started her "children's morning out" class a few weeks ago. She likes it a lot! Same teachers as last year which helps. Last week Lauren fell off a chair in the family room and her head bumped on the hardwood floor. Ouch! Big old goose egg. Lauren did not go to school that morning.

Our friends Kara, Walt, Samantha and Sean visited us this past labor day weekend. They stayed over Saturday night. On Sunday, we went to Walt's parents' farm in South Carolina. We got to feed the horsies, go swimming, and Lauren chased the dogs (and vice versa).

Finally, we're famous! Erin, Lauren and I got our pictures in the local Augusta Parent magazine and I got quoted in the article. You can't see the picture, but if you go to this link and scroll down, you'll see the article:

That's all for now!