Friday, January 26, 2007

Y is for y'all

When I was helping out in Erin's class this week, they were working on the letter 'Y'. The teacher asked the children to tell her words that begin with 'Y'. One of the children said, "y'all". And since we are in the south, that was a correct answer!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Sniffle, sniffle

Erin's been complaining of headaches. I took her to the doctor yesterday. Theory #1 is that allergies are causing her headaches. Yes, it's January and the pollen is out in Georgia. We're both sniffing. So now Erin is taking allergy medication. Theory #2 is that Erin's six-year molars are coming in and that may be bothering her. (This might be the case as she complains sometimes when she is chewing food.) So we're going to wait and see how she feels with the allergy medication and if the headaches continue, take her to the dentist.

And speaking of health issues, I never wrote about the Christmas illnesses. Wouldn't be Christmas without them, now wouldn't it? Two days before Christmas, Erin got an ear infection. A few days after Christmas, Lauren got a tummy virus, stomach flu or some similar crud. Once Lauren recovered, Rene got some kind of flu, coughing, fever, aching. I escaped the holidays healthy.

Mickey Mouse Crocs

Lauren likes to say "How cute" when seeing pictures of puppies or babies. I had the same reaction when I saw these! We're gearing up for Disneyland, so I had to get them:

Mickey Mouse Crocs

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Feeling down today?

You are not alone! See this article.

Maybe that's why I feel like a really need a nap. Of course on the one day Lauren doesn't seem to want to nap.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Top 10 things moms (and some dads) do in the carpool line

1. Go sit in a friend's SUV or minivan and chat.
2. Sit in your SUV or minivan and chat on the cellphone.
3. Sit in your SUV or minivan and read.
4. Sit in your SUV or minivan and sleep.
5. Sit in your SUV or minivan and eat.
6. Get out of the SUV or minivan and take a walk.
7. Get out of the SUV or minivan and go into the school. (What were they doing in there?)
8. Back your SUV or minivan into the front of the carpool line, saving yourself lots of time while incurring the wrath of the moms in the front of the line who've been sitting there for 30 minutes.
9. Get enraged at the mom who backs into the front of the carpool line. Give her a good talking to. Go get the principal. Shake your head in disgust and let any moms in the front who where sleeping, chatting, or reading know what transgression just occurred.
10. Sit in your SUV or minivan and watch the drama of the other moms fighting.

Friday, January 19, 2007

I've been a bad blogger

No posts. Bad me.

Quick updates from this week:

100 days of school celebration!
Found out my part time tech writing job won't continue after January. :(
Will now have time to organize the suitcase of photos my mother brought at Christmas!
Will now have time to help with the girl scouts "Thinking Day" project. Our troop's country: Bolivia!
We decided to rent our house out for masters week. But since it ends on Easter Sunday, attendance might be down this year.
Lauren got her big girl bed today! Had no nap so groggily went into bed just fine.
It's a movie night and we're watching The Sound of Music (or "Maria" as Erin calls it.

That's all. I promise to blog more in the future. :)

Thursday, January 04, 2007

The bus has brought my baby home!

Hooray. Erin is a bus rider!

My baby on the bus!

At approximately 4pm today I will be nervously awaiting Erin's arrival on her first trip on the dog bus. Of course I had dreams of bus crashes, etc which kept me awake.

I had been avoiding the bus because A) I had been misinformed that we would be first pickup in the morning and last dropoff in the afternoon even though we live pretty close to the school; B) I had gotten used to spending all that time in the carpool line reading; and C) my baby is too young to ride the bus!

But after six months of Erin's pleading with me and me getting information on the route, I gave in. I hear the driver is wonderful, and they will attempt to drop off and pick up right in front of our house. But this morning my friend (whose son is a veteran bus rider) informed me that the driver told her there would be a substitute driver this afternoon! AAAGGGH! Luckily she talked to him about Erin and he told her Erin was on the route and all would be well. Plus I gave Erin a note for the bus driver which I've only told her 50 times to give him.

It'll be a long afternoon!

More on Christmas in another post!