Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Gola Pilot

Gola Pilot. That would be "Dora Pirate" to you. On Wednesday we saw the Dora Pirate show in Augusta, or as Lauren says, Gola Pilot. All enjoyed.

We visited the dentist yesterday. It was Lauren's first visit to the dentist. She did not like it, so they didn't do too much. Erin is an old pro at the dentist, and she did great. I was surprised to learn that Erin's two bottom teeth are a little loose, so she may lose them by the summer! My baby losing her baby teeth already! I can't believe it.

Took Daisy to puppy kindergarten again last night. She's doing well with the sit and come commands. Lauren has just about successfully taught Daisy not to jump on her. Lauren is a pretty tough cookie!

Last weekend I attended the baby shower for Jenny, a mom in my mom's club play group. It was very nice. Erin drew Jenny a nice little picture of our family. Then on Tuesday, we brought a meal to Shelly, another play group mom who just had a baby girl. The baby was so teeny tiny and sweet. We went to get the girls feet measured for new shoes last week. Lauren's foot is a size 7 1/2. Yikes! Not so teeny tiny any more. She can also wear some size 4 stuff too in clothes.

Late last week I reconnected via email from a friend from high school. The internet is so cool! My friend is a successful published author, known as Holly Chamberlin. She gave me some updates on other high school chums, so that was neat. "Holly" pointed me towards her husband's cooking blog which is called The photos will leave you drooling! Going to add stephencooks to my cooking links. Yum!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Farewell, Chiron

Chiron no longer exists. :( Chiron is the biotech company that was Rene's previous employer for many years. I'm sure our Chiron friends are contemplating their fate, much as while I was at PeopleSoft during the Oracle takeover. Hang in there guys! May good career opportunities come your way.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Random updates and thoughts

It's been a while since I posted, so I'll try to update various happenings.

We had a nice Easter. We took the kayak, the girls and the doggies to the lake. First Rene ventured out in the kayak and then Erin braved it and went with him. They disembarked at various spots and saw lots of frogs and found a cave. Erin enjoyed the adventure and especially enjoyed wearing her Barbie lifejacket. Lauren and I played with the doggies on the shore and then she entertained herself by picking grass and throwing it on me. We all enjoyed a picnic lunch.

The previous day we did a lot of errands and took a bike ride to the river. We also took Daisy to the new Petco and had her sit with us as we ate lunch outside a small cafe. Part of our doggy kindergarten homework was to bring her to three new places.

The windows are almost done. I thought they would be done on Friday, but on Friday the guys were called to an "unexpected service call" (aka death in family, major hangover, the usual afflictions that meet contractors we work with). We like the windows and they seem to be keeping the house cooler which is nice.

Found a snake in the back yard last week. Between the neighbor's help and my research, we determined it's not poisonous, probably just a garter snake. But still, creepy! Snake appeared to have a bulge in its tummy, so after doing a quick child and doggy check, I guessed a lizard or frog met its demise. We've also seen a rabbit in our backyard in the past week.

Erin had a field trip to Brown's Feed and Seed last week and I was a driver. Not the best of field trips, in my opinion. They had baby chicks that were red, purple, green, blue, orange for Easter. The kids got to hold the chicks and the baby ducks. Baby chicks and ducks poop. Gross! They got to see chickens and roosters, and that was that. It was a short field trip, so afterwards I got to go with Sam's mom, Sandy, and get a pedicure and go out to lunch, which was very nice.

Am I the only one who has noticed that Anthony, the blue Wiggle (of THE Wiggles) seems to have super white teeth these days? Sure enough I saw an old episode and his teeth aren't nearly so blinding. But these days, those teeth just pop out at you.

The azaleas are already starting to fade here. Spring comes so early! we are getting many surprise flowers popping up in our garden. Our roses just started to bloom. This week I will try to join a nearby pool so we will be ready to beat the heat soon!

Oh, speaking of the masters, Rene spent a few hours on the first official play day of the Masters. 2 hours. He saw the whole gang, except for Tiger Woods. He saw Vijay Singh, Phil Mickelson, etc. As Rene put it, there were "lots of rich people. The place oozed of money".

This week: Windows are finished! Playgroup at our house. Pick out paint for exterior trim. Stay cool.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Spring in Georgia: Erin and Chandler put on a show

Springtime in Georgia. The calm before the heat and humidity. Yesterday, she and Chandler decided to put on a show on our front patio for the neighborhood. Tomorrow a neighbor is hosting an Easter Egg Hunt. Here's a link to view photos of Lauren's birthday, Alex's visit, the house and the big show: click me

Rene left a message that he's on his way to the Masters this morning! Some neighbors had tickets to the practice rounds, so it's pretty cool that he's going to the real thing. Maybe he'll see Tiger Woods! I hope Rene develops an interest in golf before he gets there. I guess this is a perk of working for Club Car. Puppy photos below, keep scrolling!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Correction: Daisy is a labradoodle

In my haste to post info about Daisy, I wrote that she's a Goldendoodle. She is a Labradoodle, 1/2 lab, 1/2 poodle. One of her grandparents may be a golden, I need to check.

Anyhoo, she checked out fine at the vet and she's doing well. She's doing a very good job doing her business outside, so we can't complain. When they're outside together, Jake and Daisy seem to play well. We do have to teach her not to jump on the kids. Next week, Daisy and I go to puppy kindergarten, so hopefully I'll learn how to train Daisy.

We're doing well on our week off this masters week. The kids in the neighborhood are off, and yesterday evening it was fun to sit on our front patio and watch the kids and doggies run around.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Daisy, daisy

Daisy, daisy. Will post more on Daisy later, but we have our puppy, who we all agreed to call Daisy! As Lauren says, "Daisy cute!" And she is. Needs lots of attention, though! So I'll be busy. No school this week either. Daisy is a second generation golden doodle, which means her parents are golden doodles, and her grandparents are golden retrievers and poodles. She's black with wavy hair and is sweet. Jake is a little out of sorts, but seems to be OK with Daisy here. Daisy is currently residing in the laundry room and has her very own deluxe crate there. Will post pictures in a few days.

The ballet was wonderful and Erin did a great job (although she and the other cherubs did pause to pick up the snowflakes that fell on stage). She stayed awake till the curtain call, which was at 9. Hooray, Erin!

Our trip to Atlanta was good. We met Kara, Walt, Samantha and Sean for lunch and then we all headed to the aquarium. The aquarium is beatiful: the building, the exhibits, the beluga whales were awesome! BUT, it was way overcrowded. Granted we went on a Saturday afternoon, but there were really too many people there. Combine that with a napless Lauren, and it wasn't our best outing. But it was great to see Kara and family. Rene and Alex went to the Atlanta thrashers hockey game that night. They had excellent seats and had a great time. They got up early to go to the airport, and I never got to say goodbye to Alex. I think he had a fun week and we enjoyed seeing him and spending time with him.

Finally, received this interesting tidbit in the mail: On Wednesday this week, at two minutes and three seconds after 1:00 in the morning, the time and date will be 01:02:03 04/05/06. It won't occur again until 3006.

This week is operation Daisy. Wish me luck!