Friday, September 30, 2005

Fame for Erin & Lauren!

Erin's fame comes from the big "Bug Show" she performed in yesterday at her school with her classmates. It was the finale to the big bug project they were working on. There was a video of the project & Erin & some of the kids did a "bug interpretive dance" while the video played. She did a great job!

Lauren's fame comes from a video clip that she is featured in (me too) on the school's website. You need Quicktime installed to view it, which I somehow could not access on my work computer, but at home I could view it.

If you go to this link: scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the "Inserimento Individuale" in the infant/Toddler room video image. If you don't have quick time installed it will prompt you to install it.

The video was made by the director of the school for a presentation she did on ways to help infants transition into daycare by having a parent spend time at the school with the baby. This video was made almost a year ago, September, 2004. You'll notice I'm wearing a baseball cap in it as I was trying to make sure Erin didn't see me as her room was right next door with windows to the baby room. Very sweet if you can watch it. It runs about 5 minutes.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

We have a buyer!

Almost forgot, as of yesterday we have a buyer. So that's one big accomplishment on our big to do list!

He's leaving, on that sunrise plane to Georgia...

Boo, hoo, Rene is gone. We had some excitement this morning. Rene had scheduled a cab to pick up up at 5 am so he could make is 7am flight to Georgia. Cab never came. Called another cab. Didn't come. Finally I had to throw some clothes on, scoop up the girls in their PJs and rush Rene to Oakland airport. There was a funny phone message from one of the cabbies on the answering machine when I returned. "Please come out of the house sir, I am waiting!" Happy to say he made his plane and arrived in Augusta.

For future reference, don't choose a cab by picking the first one alphabetically in the phone book. Perhaps choosing one that is close to your home, or at least based in your town might be a good start.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

New home in Augusta

Assuming all goes well, this will be our new home in Augusta. The house is actually Martinez, which is in Columbia County just outside Augusta. Note that it's pronounced "Martin-ez" not the Spanish pronunciation of "Mar-teen-ez" that we're used to since we live very close to Mar-teen-ez, California.

Note for each picture you should be able to click on it to see it in a bigger window, and then you can hit the browser back button to return to the blog page.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Our "Odyssey" begins...

Our Honda Odyssey begins it's trip to Georgia! As if we didn't have enough on our plate in the past week, Rene got in a fender bender & his Accord is still in the shop, so the Odyssey will be the first member of the family to begin the trip to Georgia. Rene took this picture today of them getting the Odyssey on the ramp. Notice the suitcase full of books on the ground removed as the extra weight might have been just been too much.

Photos of current California house

Hoping to have offers tonight! Need to add pictures of new bathrooms & bedrooms.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Get your motor runnin...

Rene just left for work in his new rental Ford Focus! His car is in the shop as he got rear ended last week. As he left I serenaded him with "Born to Be Wild!"