Thursday, October 16, 2008

Faster no-knead bread

I am not a bread maker (maker, baker, whatevah). I have a bread making machine that I've used from time to time, but I don't think that counts. The idea of really making bread always seemed a bit time consuming and intimidating. I've read articles over the last year or two about the no-knead bread craze. I never thought about making it. Then recently in The New York Times, I read about the faster no-knead bread in Mark Bittman's Minimalist column.

And here we are on a day off from school and I thought, what the heck. I had my doubts. My assistant was Miss Lauren. She did the mixing, and although the recipe said the dough would be "shaggy", parts looked downright unmixed. Then I realized the pot I had was not as big as the recipe required. But we carried on.

I took it out of oven, sliced a slice and WOW, it was great! I mean really good! I mean great! Nice crunchy crust and soft tasty bread inside.

Now, a day later, and it's still good. The bottom of the bread was a little tough, but I'm guessing since I didn't have the right pot to bake it in I did not achieve absolute bread making perfection. But I came close. For a first time breadmaker (with a four year old doing most of the work), I'd say that's not bad.

Next I'll try the whole wheat version.

The only problem is I need more yummy carbs like a need a hole in the head.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Recipes I have made and enjoyed

Yes, I'm finally posting something on this blog again. I'm sure there is much rejoicing an relief by my faithful reader Josh. Happy cooking, Josh!

Apple gingerbread. Yum. From MayaMade.
Rosemary Lemon White Bean Dip from Bitten. We like this on nice toasty bread with cucumbers. Would make a good dip, too.
Pumpkin Cream Cheese from Pinch My Salt via The Kitchn.
Crockpot Chicken Salsa from Workitmom. Very easy and tasty.
My new favorite way to make rice from Angry Chicken. I agree, life changing. And the leftover rice reheats really well.
Pasta with Feta, Broccoli and Sausage from The Kitchn. We used Aidell's spinach feta sausage.
Haven't made this recently, but when I'm in the mood for fish tacos, this is the recipe I found and love from Laura Gunn Studio.

Oh, the places you'll go when you do a google search!