Wednesday, September 06, 2006

A few updates...

It's been brought to my attention that it's been an entire month since I last posted here. Whoops! Time flies. Here's some quick updates:

Erin's doing well in school. After a few days, we found out they needed to add a new kindergarten class and Erin's name was chosen in a lottery to move to the class. I was upset, but Erin didn't bat an eye. It's been an exhausting month for her, but she's doing well. Erin has Spanish class 4 times a week. She's starting to read some words, and has completely memorized her phone number, area code and all! Yeah Erin!

Speaking of area codes, months ago they implemented 10-digit dialing in the Augusta area. Which means if I want to call my neighbor across the street, I need to dial the area code. Without the "1" in front. If you dial the one, you get some recording that you've dialed in error. Arrrgggh!

The carpool line at school sucks. I get there 30 minutes early and sit there with all the other moms (and a few dads) just so Erin doesn't have to wait in the heat for 20 minutes for me to get her. Half the time, Lauren sleeps, which is fine, because then I get to read. When it cools down, I can take Lauren to the school playground.

Lauren started her "children's morning out" class a few weeks ago. She likes it a lot! Same teachers as last year which helps. Last week Lauren fell off a chair in the family room and her head bumped on the hardwood floor. Ouch! Big old goose egg. Lauren did not go to school that morning.

Our friends Kara, Walt, Samantha and Sean visited us this past labor day weekend. They stayed over Saturday night. On Sunday, we went to Walt's parents' farm in South Carolina. We got to feed the horsies, go swimming, and Lauren chased the dogs (and vice versa).

Finally, we're famous! Erin, Lauren and I got our pictures in the local Augusta Parent magazine and I got quoted in the article. You can't see the picture, but if you go to this link and scroll down, you'll see the article:

That's all for now!

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