Monday, April 30, 2007

First fire, then flood, now plague?*

Well not too long ago we had the dishwasher fire, soon followed by the washer hose coming loose and flooding the laundry room. Now we've been hit with the plague.

Long story short, Erin was diagnosed with strep throat on Thursday evening. Got antibiotics. Antibiotics didn't work, so we had a miserable weekend. After calling nurse helpline twice ("give it a few days"), we all trekked backdown to the after hours clinic. Erin didn't seem to be responding to the antibiotics and Lauren had strep too. Oh Joy! So we're on sick day number 4. Throw some vomiting and lots of coughing and me playing musical beds last night between the hacking children, and we've been having a barrel of fun.

Good news: no fevers today, and Erin reports her throat is much better.

*Title for this post provided by Rene. Thank you, Rene!

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