Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Summer recap: Barbie ballet

Next up on our summer recap is our week at Barbie ballet. Erin's been taking ballet since she was 3, and Lauren has watched Erin take dance class since she was 1. Tired of waiting in the front room, Lauren finally had her chance to take ballet class for one week! The girls were in two different classes. Audrey, Maya and Lauren were in the 3 year old class and Erin and Emily were in the 5 year old class.

Erin had fun, but Lauren loved, loved the class. She dances just about every day for us. Both girls will continue weekly lessons when school starts. Erin had made some noise that she might not continue in the future, which is fine. Lauren, for now, is dedicated to dance!

Barbie ballet
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Barbie Ballet
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