Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Almost fall

This is the first week that it's cool outside in the early morning. Hooray! It's actually pleasant to be outside. We've started talking about what we want to be for Halloween (current plans: Erin, black cat; Lauren, Tinkerbell or Barbie Fairytopia). Luckily we have most of what's needed for these costumes.

And we are busy! Erin seems to be much more confident in first grade than she was at the start of kindergarten. We got our first progress report / report card already and Erin is doing great. Last year, she didn't seem to really bond with any particular school friend, so this year I decided to have a few Friday playdates with some classmates (one at a time) and that has worked out really well.

And as for our other activities, we are busy. When I list them all, I'm embarassed that I'm one of those moms guilty of overscheduling her kids. But these are all things that Erin is interested in, and enjoys, and for now it seems to be working. Erin has always needed to be on the move. For starters, Erin is now a Brownie scout, and I am a Brownie leader or co-leader, as my friend Paula is the real leader. But I do what I can. Paula made Audrey and Lauren their own special "vests" to wear during out meetings. They are too cute. Erin will be selling cookies this year, so if you're craving some thin mints, let me know.

Erin continues with ballet, but after attending the Arts in the Heart festival this weekend, she expressed an interest in Irish Dancing. Hmmmm, maybe next year. She has been taking piano lessons for a month, and really loves it. Saturday mornings we're taking swim lessons again.

And of course, it wouldn't be the start of school without strep throat. Erin got strep throat last week, but luckily we caught it quickly (thanks to Mommy's intuition) and she only missed a day of school, which was a half day anyway.

But Erin's big news is she's getting a new tooth! Unfortunately the baby tooth it's replacing is still there, and the dentist told me to encourage her to wiggle it, but it doesn't seem to be moving too much. I'm making tooth fairy plans for the big moment.

Lauren is really loving preschool this year. It's a little more structured this year. I dropped her off late one day, and saw her friends come to great her in the yard. They shared a hug that lasted a few minutes! She's excited to go to school each day, which is a change from last year when she was more clingy with me. And finally, finally, she's taking ballet! Which she loves, loves, loves.

When we're not busy with school and other activities, we're playing in the yard or neighbor's yards, riding our bikes, taking walks (at our usual Savannah Rapids Pavillion route along the river and canal), painting, making things, reading books (which Erin can now do on her own!) and Erin is obsessed with documenting everything in her life in her new diary (actually a dollar address book from target).

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