Monday, November 12, 2007

Tooth fairy: please be on alert

Dear tooth fairy,

I wanted to inform you that Erin will likely be losing her front bottom tooth within a week or too, and I wanted you to be prepared.

Erin has been waiting to lose a tooth for over a year now, so she's excited for your arrival.  By the time this tooth falls out, the permanent tooth behind it will be almost fully in.  Our consultations with our neighbor the dentist, cousin Paul the dentist, and even our pediatric dentist assured us that all would be well.

Despite these assurances, Erin came home from school very sad one day a few weeks ago.  She claimed, you see, that she was the only one in her class who has not lost a tooth.  (A claim I later found out was not true!)  Her dear friend Chandler from across the street decided to help Erin out by tying a string to Erin's tooth and the other end of the string to a doorknob and then slammed the door!  Well that loosened the tooth a  bit, but here we are, tooth fairy, still waiting for your first visit to our home.  (I told Erin that it was a good thing she didn't tell Chandler that her leg hurt, as Chandler might have cut it off to be a helpful friend!)

So, tooth fairy, when the tooth falls out we'll be sure to let you know, and we hope you'll visit Erin that night with something special. 

1 comment:

huh said...

No pliers?! As in, tie a string to the tooth and a pair of pliers, and then throw the pliers. D'Oh!
Wait, I've got it. First get a sheet to use as a parachute, then climb onto the roof...
Good luck with this, we're taking notes. Josh & PJ