Friday, September 30, 2005

Fame for Erin & Lauren!

Erin's fame comes from the big "Bug Show" she performed in yesterday at her school with her classmates. It was the finale to the big bug project they were working on. There was a video of the project & Erin & some of the kids did a "bug interpretive dance" while the video played. She did a great job!

Lauren's fame comes from a video clip that she is featured in (me too) on the school's website. You need Quicktime installed to view it, which I somehow could not access on my work computer, but at home I could view it.

If you go to this link: scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the "Inserimento Individuale" in the infant/Toddler room video image. If you don't have quick time installed it will prompt you to install it.

The video was made by the director of the school for a presentation she did on ways to help infants transition into daycare by having a parent spend time at the school with the baby. This video was made almost a year ago, September, 2004. You'll notice I'm wearing a baseball cap in it as I was trying to make sure Erin didn't see me as her room was right next door with windows to the baby room. Very sweet if you can watch it. It runs about 5 minutes.

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