Thursday, September 29, 2005

He's leaving, on that sunrise plane to Georgia...

Boo, hoo, Rene is gone. We had some excitement this morning. Rene had scheduled a cab to pick up up at 5 am so he could make is 7am flight to Georgia. Cab never came. Called another cab. Didn't come. Finally I had to throw some clothes on, scoop up the girls in their PJs and rush Rene to Oakland airport. There was a funny phone message from one of the cabbies on the answering machine when I returned. "Please come out of the house sir, I am waiting!" Happy to say he made his plane and arrived in Augusta.

For future reference, don't choose a cab by picking the first one alphabetically in the phone book. Perhaps choosing one that is close to your home, or at least based in your town might be a good start.

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