Friday, June 09, 2006

Our luck continues

Our luck with deliveries, repairs, contractors continues. We had
ordered a bedroom set for Erin. I asked if I could get the bed
without the footboard. Salesperson says, let me check. She checks.
Yes I can get the bed without the footboard.

Bed gets delivered. Wrong bed frame. They tell me, "What you need is
a 99, m'am." I call and tell them I need a 99.

99 arrives next day. They install it. Legs don't come all the way to
the end so bed is all wobbly and unstable. They'll send a technician.

Technician arriives. He says they don't have the right bedframe and
advises I just go to some bed store and buy a metal bedframe and screw
it to the headboard.

Why do these guys always tell you that you need a 99 when a 99 is not
what you need?

(Note, I tried to post this last night but blogger was down).

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