Wednesday, June 07, 2006

A posting a day!

It's been brought to my attention that my blog posting has been sparse lately. It's summer in the south! Everything moves more slowly in the south. Including me.

Here's some random updates:

Erin's swimming is progressing nicely. She can put her head in the water and swim a few feet to me. Her swim teacher called her "fearless" which was never a word we would have used to describe Erin. But peer pressure is working in our favor. Erin sees her friends swim and she really wants to swim too.

Erin got a new bed and bedroom furniture yesterday. She's quite excited to have a big bed. We moved the toddler bed to Lauren's room, but she prefers to sleep in her crib for now.

Rene did an excellent job of cleaning up the vegetable garden this weekend. It looks nice. But now we have some nasty bugs on our tomatoes. Looks like we may not be able to eat our tomatoes. :( Erin is eating the sweet peas off the vine, though. We've got enough mint to make mint juleps for the entire south!

Daisy has surpassed Erin in weight.

I'm now the treasurer and webmom for the mom's club. This after being the chairperson of the nominating committee. I could not persuade anyone else to be treasurer. :(

Thanks to Rene, we can now fit both cars in the two-car garage! Whoo hoo!

Looking forward to our trip to NY to visit Nana and PopPop and the beach in NJ with the family in a few weeks.

OK, enough, or I will have nothing to post in following days.

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