Thursday, January 04, 2007

My baby on the bus!

At approximately 4pm today I will be nervously awaiting Erin's arrival on her first trip on the dog bus. Of course I had dreams of bus crashes, etc which kept me awake.

I had been avoiding the bus because A) I had been misinformed that we would be first pickup in the morning and last dropoff in the afternoon even though we live pretty close to the school; B) I had gotten used to spending all that time in the carpool line reading; and C) my baby is too young to ride the bus!

But after six months of Erin's pleading with me and me getting information on the route, I gave in. I hear the driver is wonderful, and they will attempt to drop off and pick up right in front of our house. But this morning my friend (whose son is a veteran bus rider) informed me that the driver told her there would be a substitute driver this afternoon! AAAGGGH! Luckily she talked to him about Erin and he told her Erin was on the route and all would be well. Plus I gave Erin a note for the bus driver which I've only told her 50 times to give him.

It'll be a long afternoon!

More on Christmas in another post!

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