Thursday, January 25, 2007

Sniffle, sniffle

Erin's been complaining of headaches. I took her to the doctor yesterday. Theory #1 is that allergies are causing her headaches. Yes, it's January and the pollen is out in Georgia. We're both sniffing. So now Erin is taking allergy medication. Theory #2 is that Erin's six-year molars are coming in and that may be bothering her. (This might be the case as she complains sometimes when she is chewing food.) So we're going to wait and see how she feels with the allergy medication and if the headaches continue, take her to the dentist.

And speaking of health issues, I never wrote about the Christmas illnesses. Wouldn't be Christmas without them, now wouldn't it? Two days before Christmas, Erin got an ear infection. A few days after Christmas, Lauren got a tummy virus, stomach flu or some similar crud. Once Lauren recovered, Rene got some kind of flu, coughing, fever, aching. I escaped the holidays healthy.

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