Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Condolences from a 5 year old

My uncle Tom (dad's brother) passed away last week. He was 81. He had been in bad health for a while. My dad got to visit his brother a few months ago and they had a nice visit.

I told Erin that PopPop's brother died. She asked if PopPop was sad, and I said yes, but he knew that his brother was in heaven and that made him feel better.

The next day Erin said, "I want to make PopPop a card to make him feel better." She was drawing and occassionally asking me to spell words for her so she could put them in the card. I wasn't concentrating on it too much, and then finally I said, "what does your card say?"

"When someone is old, they must die."

Hmmm. "Erin, where do you get to the part where you write something to make PopPop feel better?"

"I'm working on it."

She then wrote, "I am sorry." She also insisted on taping a stuffed hedgehog to the envelope. Nothing says I'm sorry for your loss like a stuffed hedgehog. She then asked me to mail it. I smiled and said certainly, and hid it away.

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