Sunday, February 04, 2007

Lost in McDonalds

Yesterday we went to McDonald's for lunch (after a major Erin meltdown, temper tantrum, followed by a nap--halleluia!

While we were there, the girls went into the playstructure which looks like it was made for very large gerbils, lots of tunnels. Erin doesn't like to climb too high, but immediately Lauren crawled up to the top tubes. After about 10 minutes she did not reaappear. We'd periodically see her crawl through one of the tubes, but she wouldn't respond to our calling. (Note there were about 1000 other children, more or less, also in the playstructure.)

Finally I found two girls who were 7 or 8, and asked them to go find a blonde little girl named Lauren wearing a pink jacket. If they weren't up to the job, I'd have to find a skinny McDonalds' employee The girls reported back that they found Lauren, but Lauren did not want to go down the slide. I told them to walk her down through the structure. They reported back that she did not want to go. Finally, I told them to tell her that her mommy and daddy would take her to the dollar store. Shortly they emerged with Lauren.

Next time we'll do pizza.

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