Sunday, March 04, 2007

What's up?

"What's up, bloggerjeanne?", you say? Well, let's see...

We went to Charleston for the weekend, which was very nice. On the way there, saw an armadillo on the side of the road. Whoo hoo! Went to the very nice aquarium, and then the IMAX movie next door. It was very funny watching Erin and Lauren wearing their 3D glasses, and Erin reaching out trying to touch the wild animals of Africa that seemed so close! We then had ice cream, and returned to the aquarium for a bit more. Had dinner and went to hotel.

The next day, we went to the very nice Childrens' Museum, the Lowcountry Museum. Then walked a bit and had lunch at Jestine's Kitchen, for some good lowcountry food. We walked around the market for a bit and then took an hour horse-drawn carriage ride tour. Lauren was a little restless, then slept. Erin was a little bored, but she was impressed when we passed a house that our driver told us had been visited by Maria Von Trapp and her family. (Erin likes the Sound of Music). We went to some outlets (new shoes!) returned to the hotel, went in the hot tub (highlight of trip for Erin), and then dinner.

On the way home we stopped at a plantation, but it was a bit to cold to enjoy walking around. Then home.

Since then:

We heard that we had renters for the masters, then not, then we did, now it appears not.
Lauren got pinkeye. :(
I cooked green eggs and ham for Erin's class. :)
Girl scout cookies arrived!
We discovered we'd left Erin's camera at the children's museum in Charleston. :( I called and they are mailing back. :)
Daisy got shaved and now she looks like freak dog again. But a cute freak dog.
The dishwasher set off our fire alarm. I've been washing dishes by hand until repairman comes. :)
We're planning Lauren's 3rd birthday party, princess theme.

That's all! I promise to update more after my dishpan hands recover.

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