Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Gola Pilot

Gola Pilot. That would be "Dora Pirate" to you. On Wednesday we saw the Dora Pirate show in Augusta, or as Lauren says, Gola Pilot. All enjoyed.

We visited the dentist yesterday. It was Lauren's first visit to the dentist. She did not like it, so they didn't do too much. Erin is an old pro at the dentist, and she did great. I was surprised to learn that Erin's two bottom teeth are a little loose, so she may lose them by the summer! My baby losing her baby teeth already! I can't believe it.

Took Daisy to puppy kindergarten again last night. She's doing well with the sit and come commands. Lauren has just about successfully taught Daisy not to jump on her. Lauren is a pretty tough cookie!

Last weekend I attended the baby shower for Jenny, a mom in my mom's club play group. It was very nice. Erin drew Jenny a nice little picture of our family. Then on Tuesday, we brought a meal to Shelly, another play group mom who just had a baby girl. The baby was so teeny tiny and sweet. We went to get the girls feet measured for new shoes last week. Lauren's foot is a size 7 1/2. Yikes! Not so teeny tiny any more. She can also wear some size 4 stuff too in clothes.

Late last week I reconnected via email from a friend from high school. The internet is so cool! My friend is a successful published author, known as Holly Chamberlin. She gave me some updates on other high school chums, so that was neat. "Holly" pointed me towards her husband's cooking blog which is called The photos will leave you drooling! Going to add stephencooks to my cooking links. Yum!

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Mmmm! Think I'll start with the Xtreme Chocolate Tartlet - SHF #9.