Monday, April 17, 2006

Random updates and thoughts

It's been a while since I posted, so I'll try to update various happenings.

We had a nice Easter. We took the kayak, the girls and the doggies to the lake. First Rene ventured out in the kayak and then Erin braved it and went with him. They disembarked at various spots and saw lots of frogs and found a cave. Erin enjoyed the adventure and especially enjoyed wearing her Barbie lifejacket. Lauren and I played with the doggies on the shore and then she entertained herself by picking grass and throwing it on me. We all enjoyed a picnic lunch.

The previous day we did a lot of errands and took a bike ride to the river. We also took Daisy to the new Petco and had her sit with us as we ate lunch outside a small cafe. Part of our doggy kindergarten homework was to bring her to three new places.

The windows are almost done. I thought they would be done on Friday, but on Friday the guys were called to an "unexpected service call" (aka death in family, major hangover, the usual afflictions that meet contractors we work with). We like the windows and they seem to be keeping the house cooler which is nice.

Found a snake in the back yard last week. Between the neighbor's help and my research, we determined it's not poisonous, probably just a garter snake. But still, creepy! Snake appeared to have a bulge in its tummy, so after doing a quick child and doggy check, I guessed a lizard or frog met its demise. We've also seen a rabbit in our backyard in the past week.

Erin had a field trip to Brown's Feed and Seed last week and I was a driver. Not the best of field trips, in my opinion. They had baby chicks that were red, purple, green, blue, orange for Easter. The kids got to hold the chicks and the baby ducks. Baby chicks and ducks poop. Gross! They got to see chickens and roosters, and that was that. It was a short field trip, so afterwards I got to go with Sam's mom, Sandy, and get a pedicure and go out to lunch, which was very nice.

Am I the only one who has noticed that Anthony, the blue Wiggle (of THE Wiggles) seems to have super white teeth these days? Sure enough I saw an old episode and his teeth aren't nearly so blinding. But these days, those teeth just pop out at you.

The azaleas are already starting to fade here. Spring comes so early! we are getting many surprise flowers popping up in our garden. Our roses just started to bloom. This week I will try to join a nearby pool so we will be ready to beat the heat soon!

Oh, speaking of the masters, Rene spent a few hours on the first official play day of the Masters. 2 hours. He saw the whole gang, except for Tiger Woods. He saw Vijay Singh, Phil Mickelson, etc. As Rene put it, there were "lots of rich people. The place oozed of money".

This week: Windows are finished! Playgroup at our house. Pick out paint for exterior trim. Stay cool.

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