Thursday, December 27, 2007

What's up with us and getting sick at Christmastime?

First of all, we did have a wonderful Christmas. My parents, aka Nana & PopPop were here, and we had a nice relaxing week. The festivities started on the 23rd for Rene's birthday. I made a rib roast and at Rene's request, yorkshire pudding, which I never had before. I admit, I was skeptical, because the recipe looks like pancake batter cooked in the grease from the roast. But it was surprisingly good. Even the girls liked it! Score one for the birthday boy!

Christmas morning was fun and exciting, and although Lauren seemed a bit overwhelmed at times, we had a nice relaxing day. The gift the girls liked the most? The wooden cd box they got to paint as a doll house. I got the idea from this post from Amy Carol's blog Angry Chicken. I also bought some wooden figures the girls painted as dolls. I'll update this post with a picture soon. Erin also enjoyed the "art set" Santa brought, and lots of arts and crafts activities were done on Christmas day. And eating, too.

So here's the health update.

Dec 17th: Both girls have ear infections (left ear for both).
Dec 24th: Erin complains that her ear still hurts, so we get new antibiotics prescription.
Dec 26th: Lauren complains that her ear still hurts, so we get new antibiotics prescription.
Dec 27th (today): Erin complains that her ear still hurts, and Lauren has a rash. Doctor says Erin's ears look great (and thinks her pain might be due to 6 year molars coming in), but Lauren's is still healing. Lauren has a yeast infection. That was this afternoon, and now Erin seems to be in a lot of pain and says her right ear is hurting a lot.

Sigh. Hoping they both feel better tomorrow.


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