Monday, February 13, 2006

Weekend update

Friday morning I took Erin to the health department to get her records updated so I could register her for kindergarten in March. Erin had to get three shots. She was very brave! However, she does not want any more shots. Ever.

Erin and Lauren call each other "honey" while they are playing. While Erin was at the health center, she had to go into a room with a nurse to get her vision and hearing checked. Lauren and I waited outside. Lauren kept saying, "Where honey go?" Lauren also says, "What happened?" a lot. If Erin is crying, Lauren will say, "What happened, honey?"

Late Friday afternoon the girls and I went across the street to see Leigh Anne and her kids. While Lauren and I were inside talking to Leigh Ann, Erin played outside with the kids. When I stepped back outside, I heard Erin crying. She must have climbed over the fence to another yard, and was stuck and couldn't get out. The kids were trying to get her to climb back over but she couldn't do it. Finally when we got there and Leigh Ann instructed the older boys to help Erin out, they said, "Oh, come over to the gate." All you had to do was open the gate and walk back in. They must have told her that a mean dog lived at that house. Through her tears Erin told everyone that mean dogs lived next to us in California too. Which is true.

After Erin calmed down, Leigh Ann, Lauren and I went next door to visit Frances. When we came out, Jake was running to me with his leash attached and Erin was standing with Chandler, crying. I guess Erin and Chandler had gone into our house, put Jake's leash on and were going to take him for a walk. What they forgot was that Jake had his pet fence collar on and he got zapped as they walked him. Jake did not want to go on walks with Rene after that! Poor Jake.

It was another rainy Saturday in Augusta. We all went to see the new Curious George movie. It was Lauren's first time in a movie theater, and will be her only visit to the movie theater for a while. Mommy & Lauren had to leave half way through the movie since Lauren was more interested in climbing around the chairs and looking at all the people around us. I liked the first half of the movie! :)

Sunday was sunny, but cold (well, cold for Augusta!) I took Erin and Chandler (girl across the street) ice skating. Chandler (who's 8, I think) did great. Erin started out with spaghetti legs, but she kept trying. She did better by the end. By then she had "al dente" spaghetti legs. We came home and watched a little Olympic speed skating on TV.

This afternoon is the mom's club Valentine's party. I see sugar in our future!

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