Saturday, February 25, 2006

Another rainy night in Georgia...

It seems to rain every weekend here in Augusta. :( Today, we were ready for the rain and again travelled to Columbia to visit Edventure, the children's museum. Lauren was a little fussy this time, but we had fun. We had a nice lunch out and travelled home in the rain. Tomorrow there may be sun!

On Thursday night I went out with some of the moms from my Mom's club playgroup and we had a nice dinner out at a Japanese restaurant. Excellent sushi! We laughed a lot and it was really great to get out, especially after the always crazy dance class rush. This Thursday was extra crazy as it was costume fitting and photo time for the annual Roar of Love show. Erin looked very cute as she posed for her photo, so I'm hoping the pictures capture that. Will post here when I get them.

The big news in Rene's world is that he bought a kayak! He doesn't have it yet, but should have it by the time Alex visits at the end of March. He got a shiny red two-seater. Look for photos of Rene floating down the Savannah River or Augusta Canal soon.

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