Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Shower and other updates

Well we finally have a functioning shower. The shower dudes came on Monday, and today we took our first shower in the mast bath. Whoo hoo. Kind of a let down after all that waiting, but I'm glad it's over. Now we have to get the hole in the ceiling repaired.

My Uncle John came to visit on Sunday on his way from New Jersey to Florida. Unfortunately, it was raining, but we took him to Rhineharts "Beyond Casual" Oyster Bar for some crayfish and other delicacies. He stayed over Sunday night and continued on his way on Monday morning. He left us a message that he arrived safely in Naples, Florida. Have fun, Uncle John!

Lauren is talking more and more each week. "Don't like it." "Don't want it." "Where Erin go?" And most recently, "N dat, Mommy?" Translation: "What's that, Mommy?" She calls Erin "honey" a lot, probably because that's what Erin calls Lauren when they are playing. She also says "O right" (all right) and "OK" a lot. "O right, mommy. OK, mommy."

One day Lauren was crying in the car and Erin said, "Now, Lauren, calm down. Take a deep breath." Hmm, I wonder where she got that from?

Yesterday we had our Mom's club over to our house for the weekly playgroup. Including my kids and a newborn, there were 11 kids. We survived. I had prepared Erin quite a bit on how to behave with guests in the house. She did great. Lauren wasn't so happy about people touching her stuff.

Now that the bathroom is done, we're trying to get someone to help us trim the bushes and clear some of the leaves from the back yard. I think this will be another long search. One guy came (from company that does some of the neighbors' yards) and he never gave me an estimate, despite repeated calls. Blah!

Saturday looks like rain, so despite Rene's protests, we may go see Barney Live onstage. Double whoo hoo!

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