Monday, March 06, 2006

Hilton Head Weekend

We did it! Got away for the weekend. Hilton Head was very nice, very upscale. We did the lower end accomodations but still had a great two days away. It was nice to go to the beach again! It's only about 2 1/2 hours away, so we'll likely be going back.

It was chilly but sunny, so no swimming this time, but we did spend a lot of time on the beach flying our princess kite, digging in the sand, chasing the seagulls and petting the many doggies on the beach. We stayed at the Holiday Inn which was right on the beach. It was cheap, they had a nice pool, and the best part was they had a little playground right off the beach. Lauren's favorite thing to do is to be pushed in a swing, so we spent some time there too. The Holiday Inn is within walking distance to restaurants, shops and the Piggly Wiggly. I bought some Piggly Wiggly water bottles to commemorate the visit.

We ate at the Salty Dog Cafe. The legend of the "salty dog" is that there was a dog name Jake who rescued his owner by pulling the owner in the water to shore. Since we have a dog named Jake we had to go! We also got our Salty Dog shirts and Rene got a baseball cap.

Our trip to HH was memorable too. We drove through Switzerland, which we thought was a little out of the way, but we made it there fine. We also drove through Allendale County which is home of the annual Cooterfest. We also stopped at a McDonalds along the way that had to be the slowest one around, and did not live up to the "fast food" label. By the way, McDonalds has good apple slices for future reference.

Our friends Barbie and Andy and boys Drew and Riley will be vacationing in HH in July, so we may visit them there for a few days then.

The only disappointing part to the trip was that the beach trip did nothing to relieve my allergies which kicked in full force last week. May have to visit a doctor and get some prescription medication as the Clariton doesn't seem to be helping.

Looks like the weather will be warm here this week. Soccer starts tomorrow, hooray! Erin's team is named Blitz, and the team color is, appropriately, California Blue. Go Blitz!

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