Friday, March 24, 2006


Soon Rene will be rolling on the river in his new deluxe kayak! I'm told he should start out with the Augusta Canal before he tackles the Savannah River. Alex arrives tomorrow, so he'll be taking the inaugural launch. Hey, I wonder if I get to christen the boat? I'd better get a bottle of champagne and think of a good name for the boat. Chartreuse? Lullabelle? Hmmm, this on top of trying to think of a puppy name. ETA for when we'll get a puppy: 2 weeks. Yikes! Where's that champagne?

I registered Erin for kindergarten today, which was a painless process except that they'll be taking my baby away from me 8:30-3:30 starting August 4th! August 4th! What happened to summers off?

Next week will be busy. Alex is here, rehearsals and the big show, soccer practice, kindergarten meeting. And we'll be off to Atlanta to see the new Georgia aquarium. We'll return to the Augusta Masters madness. "Do not go to a restaurant during Masters week," I'm told. We'll batten down the hatches and hole up in the house, I guess!


Josh said...

Ohhh! I know!

The Minnow
De Vliegende Canadees
Boom or Bust!
...and by popular demand...

Shelly said...

Nice kayak! My husband wants to start kayaking. We have only sea kayaked so far.