Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Soccer and self-imposed timeouts

Last night was Erin's first soccer practice. In the car on the way there, she asked me to remind her of the soccer rules I told her. No hands, only use your feet, and listen to the coach. As soon as we got there she grabbed one of the balls and started kicking it around the field. She was ready to go! There were six teams of 6 kids each practicing. On Friday evenings, the teams will play each other. Erin did really well. She needs to work on running backwards and sideways, and moving the ball through the cones.

The other thing that Erin did during soccer practice was to indicate how her parents were embarrassing her by giving us the hand (as in "talk to the hand") when I introduced myself to the coach or cheered her when she kicked the ball well. Four years old and already she's embarrassed by her parents.

Lauren has started giving herself "timeouts" whenever I reprimand her or even tell her to stop doing something. For example, she had been gently kicking me (not consciously), and I told her she needed to stop because it was hurting me. She said, "Sorry, sorry mommy." She climbed off the couch, put her head down, walked to the front room (office), climbed on that couch, and started to cry. She does this all the time now and sits there until I get her. Not even two years old, and she's got guilt!

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