Friday, March 03, 2006

We're going to Hilton Head

Since the forecast was NO RAIN this weekend, we decided to take advantage of it and check out Hilton Head. We're looking forward to walking on the beach and just seeing the sights in Hilton Head. In order to leave Jake at the kennel (aka "doggy camp"), I had to drop him by yesterday for a "temperment test" (aka "school entrance test") to see how he interacted with the other dogs as they have a general play area for them. I'm happy to say Jake passed with flying colors!

The past two days here were quite warm, in the 70's! I fear the time between cold and hot and steamy will be short, so we'll enjoy it while we can. Yesterday at dance class I got all the details for the upcoming Roar of Love show (based on the Narnia story The Lion, Witch and Wardrobe. There are practices, dress rehearsals, performances for area schools and for the general public. All this for Erin's few minutes on stage. Oh well, the price of fame. The show will be at Augusta's Bell Auditorium, which is where we saw Barney, so you know it can't be too shabby!

Next week soccer starts for Erin, so March will be a busy month for us. And of course we have Lauren's 2nd birthday in less than two weeks! After meeting just about every window salesman in Augusta, we finally ordered some windows, so they should be coming in a month too.

I'll post a Hilton Head report when we return.

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