Monday, May 08, 2006

Daddy did it

Last week of school for the girls. Yikes! Erin's class has been busy with a mom's tea (which we missed to due Erin's ear infection), crazy day, backwards day and pajama party day today. On Wednesday is the big singing performance. Erin has been belting out "Jesus Loves the Little Children" quite often. Of course, in her rendition, it goes something like, "Jesus Loves the Little ChildREM" and various other words are butchered.

Not to be outdone by her sister, Lauren has her own way of saying things. Here a guide to some of Lauren's favorite utterings:

lolla hop = lollipop
mope = milk
mo mope = more milk
Edin = Erin
bamas = pajamas
nur one = another one, as in "another one, binky", "another one blanky", etc
Gola Boots = Dora, Boots (as previously mentioned)
pee-low = pillow
pee-dow = playdough
Gam=Sam (Erins' friend)
no like = I don't like it
I like it! = I like it!

Lately, any time I try to get her to do something, her response is, "Daddy did it."

Do you want to take a bath? Daddy did it.
Can I brush your teeth? Daddy did it.
Let me change your diaper. Daddy did it.

Now it may be true that at one point in time Daddy has done all of these things, but usually she says this when it is quite clear Daddy has NOT done those things recently. As Erin said once, "Babies can be pretty tricky."

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