Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Erin and Daisy graduate

Erin finished preschool last week. Although they didn't have a "graduation" ceremony, they did have a special singing performance for parents with snacks afterwards. Erin did great, she's been singing the songs for months. She even sang a song about colors in Spanish. They had lots of fun the last few weeks. The last week had pajama party day and a water fun day. We weren't going to do it, but Erin will attend day camp there with her preschool teacher. She'll go three days a week for the month of July.

Daisy graduated from puppy kindergarten tonight. She can sit, stay, and come (sometimes). Daisy is a bundle of energy and so big! Her paws are huge. Rene got on the scale with her and she ways almost 37 pounds. She almost weighs as much as Erin! But she is very sweet and a lot of fun.

Not to be forgotten, Lauren can sing her ABCs now. If Lauren sees a word in a book or on a sign, she says, "Look, mommy, ABC's!" Lauren knows some Spanish, too, from Dora, of course. If I pick her up she some times says "Arriba" and if I ask her if she needs help, she says "Ayudame".

Jake knows no Spanish, but a few weeks ago he polished off a few servings of turkey cheese enchiladas. That's our Jake.

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