Thursday, May 18, 2006

Why puppies shouldn't have pacifiers

As we were letting Daisy romp in the kitchen with us, she suddenly retreated to her crate in the laundry room. Rene said, "Isn't that cute? Daisy is resting in her crate." I knew that was not normal for Daisy, and soon Lauren kept requesting, "Blue Binky!" I went to Daisy, opened her mouth, and there was the the remnants of the blue binky. The main part (the part you suck on) had been bitten off. Lauren looked at it and said "Wash it!" So I carefully washed it in soap and hot water, dried it off, and handed it to Lauren. She looked at it, laughed, put it in her mouth, then cried.

Oh well, at least it varied Daisy's diet of puppy chow, pinecones, sticks and rocks.

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