Monday, May 22, 2006

Everybody in the pool!

We've had what we're told is an unseasonably rare spring in Augusta. But now the temperature is starting to creep up. Saturday we turned on the sprinklers for the kids (including neighborhood kids). Fun was had by all.

Sunday, we went to the pool we joined for the firs time. It was somewhat crowded, and we saw Erin's friends Sam and Emily and their families there, too. Last summer, Erin was a reluctant swimmer. This year, she seems much more adventurous. A few things are helping. The big pool has a section that ranges from 2-2 1/2 feet, so the water isn't over Erin's head. Also, peer pressure! Sam blows bubbles in the water, so does Erin. Sam tries swimming with the kickboard with her mom's help. Erin wants to try to. Emily puts her face in the water, so does Erin. So peer pressure is working well. She even got dunked once, but it didn't slow her down.

Lauren was very reluctant to go in the kiddy pool with daddy. Finally, though, she got in and had fun. Eventually she went in the big pool with mommy. Progress was made my all!

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