Saturday, October 22, 2005

Jake's in Georgia!

Thanks to help from Jill and Danny, Jake's in Georgia. The girls and I walked Jake in the dark this am. Jill and Danny arrived at 7 am and Jill stayed with the girls while Danny came with me and Jake to the airport along with the biggest dog crate they make, the "Furrari" (no joke).

Anyhoo, I had gotten a mild tranquilizer for Jake, which I tried to sneak in a piece of banana. Somehow he managed to eat the banana while spitting out the pill. I tried a few ways to get him to take it, and then Danny & couldn't find it on the ground, so that was that. I didn't want to over sedate him, so I'm thinking he flew without sedation. Under protest I listed his value as $0. When it was time to get into the Furrari crate, Jake would not go. Finally, I shoved him in. I was very upset leaving him.

Then I was upset saying goodbye to Jill and Danny.

I'm happy to report that Rene called and a very excited Jake greeted Rene in Atlanta.

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