Monday, October 24, 2005

Packers are here...

I may lose internet access soon. My packing ladies, Colleen and Mary (no not the PeopleSoft Colleen and Mary! are doing a great job. I was very stressed out this morning, but they put me at ease. They're moving quickly and will be back tomorrow. I'm guessing I may lose internet access pretty soon, so who knows when I'll post again.

I guess it's good I have so much to do, or I'd probably be crying.


Adelaide said...

So glad I had a chance to say goodbye to Jeanne, Erin and Lauren. Erin and I have a special bond since she and I share the same birthday...not the year, just the day and month. Warren and I will miss all of you. You guys are special and we are very fortunate to have had you a few doors away from ours. The neighborhood will not be the same. Will keep you informed of what happens in Lafayette.

Also, I think your new house is lovely. It's a good thing you are'll need all that extra time to keep the house in order.

Have a safe trip!

david & goliatha said...

Hang in there, Jeanne. You're almost there. Exciting new adventures await! An emptied home in moving boxes is always the toughest part to get through. Looking forward to hearing your "peachy" posts from Georgia!

Rene Schmidt said...

Confirmed! Jeanne's has officially re-entered the 20th century and has no internet access.

Adelaide: I will miss you and Warren and the rest of the neighborhood.

David: I think Goliatha is an awesome name for a 2 pound dog!

I'm in Atlanta this week for a training class. Some big convention for some Mason temple. Lots of people walking around with moose hats. Hotels rooms were hard to come by. I have VERY small room, but I do have wireless internet access, and am kitty corner to Ruth's Chris Steak house. Hopefully there are no bed bugs.