Wednesday, October 19, 2005

One week to go...

Tick, tock, our days in California are winding down. A week to go. I've been cleaning, organizing, cancelling things, making reservations, and packing (although the professional packers will do the real work). My packing priority is to make sure I keep together everything that should not be packed.

So here's our schedule:

Thu 10/20 Jeanne signs papers for closing on California house.
Fri 10/21 Lauren's music project finale at school.
Sat 10/22 Take Jake to airport. Rene to pick up in Atlanta. Dance class.
Sun 10/23 Sunday school? Halloween party with Lifeworks friends.
Mon 10/24 Packers come. Pizza night at school. Me & girls check in local hotel.
Tue 10/25 Packers finish. Night in hotel.
Wed 10/26 Movers come. Pick up rental car. Say goodbye to folks at school, and go to airport hotel.
Thu 10/27 Fly from Oakland to NY to stay with mom & dad.

The following week, we'll leave for Augusta on November 2nd and finally be reunited with Rene! My friend Robbin will take the trip with us to help us out for a few days. That means Halloween at Nana & PopPops! Hopefully moving truck will be at our new house on November 3rd.

Tired yet? I am. And I have a cough that won't go away. Hoping this is the worst of it and I feel better soon.

Wish us luck!

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