Saturday, October 22, 2005

Tragedy in Lafayette

When I saw the news that a 16 year old boy had been held in the Lafayette attorney's wife killing, I looked at the news online, and I couldn't believe it, I knew who that kid! His mother, Esther, co-owned the bagel store next to Erin & Lauren's school. They were very nice ladies. Esther would write Erin's name on her bagel bag every day and draw a special picture for her. We'd even go on the weekends sometimes and Kim and Esther would greet us alll by name. When they owned the store, I sometimes saw Esther's son Scott in the store. Sometimes he helped made the bagels. He was hard to miss as he dressed all in black, with black boots and a trenchcoat.

Other times, he'd just be hanging out at a table with some other kids. They sold the bagel store during the past six months, although Esther had still helped out sometimes. I last saw Esther last week.

Anyway, it's very creepy to know that someone you've encountered might have done something so horrible. My heart goes out to Esther.

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david & goliatha said...

Wow - very creepy! It was such a horrible, violent crime, too.