Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Getting out

Erin started her new preschool on Monday. She happily went and had a great first day. She met a girl named Hope she seemed to like. She goes from 9-1 Monday through Friday. We had a great day yesterday. I met up with a moms club, in the morning and did a Thanksgiving craft with Lauren. The moms club said the 4 year old playgroup was meeting in a nearby park, so after we picked up Erin we went to the park. Erin recognized another little girl from her preschool and her mom (they moved here 6 months ago) and we're going to do a playdate. So I feel like I've made progress making some contacts. Today Erin said she didn't want to go to school, but she ended up having a fun day.

On Monday, Erin is having a Thanksgiving "feast" at school. She keeps asking me, "when are we having the beast?"

We have a plumber scheduled to come tomorrow. I predict great misfortune for the plumber. (See previous post).

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