Thursday, November 17, 2005


We had an emotional late afternoon/early evening. As I was across the street in the neighbor's yard with the girls, Jake must have escaped from the back yard. This, despite us extending the fence. Some of the existing fence does not reach the ground (?!) so he must have slipped out.

The neighbor's kids ran down the cul de sac calling Jake's name. Erin, Lauren and I jumped in the car and started driving around and calling Jake's name. Rene left work to join the search. Some of the neighbors drove around looking for him. It was getting dark and I was getting very upset.

Finally at 6:10, Jake came in. Rene had found him on the busy road turning onto our street. Jake's face was all dirty, and he seemed exhausted. I burst in to tears.

I think we're going for the electronic fence.

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