Tuesday, November 08, 2005

We're in the house!

Well it feels like it took a long time to get here, but we're finally in the house. The movers came Friday, Nov 4th. We were hoping they would have come on Thursday, but it turned out OK. It was nice to have a day to adjust to everything and walk through the house and decide where things should go.

Moving day seems like a blur, but thank goodness Robbin was here. She kept the kids occupied in the yard and bonus room (which I guess we're calling the playroom). Robbin, Erin, Lauren and I took a lunchtime trip to the Publix supermarket which was pretty nice. Rene and I were able to quickly unpack kitchen stuff. By the end of the day, the beds all had sheets and blankets and the bathrooms all had towels. I felt prety good about that.

We've still got a fair amount of boxes, but I think we now have more empty boxes than full boxes.

When we came to the house on Wednesday, we met some of the neighbors. Since then Jacob (3) from across the street has appeared in our driveway a number of times on his little scooter.

On Saturday we decided to take a break and have lunch in downtown Augusta. I must say, downtown Augusta is no Walnut Creek. We found a bar & grill that seemed to be crowded and had lunch. The waitress told us that the table behind us was the Charlie Daniels band! They were in town for a concert. It didn't seem that Charlie himself was there, but that was kind of cool. We took a little walk on the riverwalk which was pretty.

On Sunday morning we sadly took Robbin to the airport. Sunday night Lauren got sick again. It's much less stressful having a child get sick at home than on an airplane! She was fine on Monday.

Monday, the playset was almost finished (slide post needs to be cemented), the work on extending the fence started (so Jake can hang out in the back yard without running away), Rene's car arrived, and I scheduled someone to come connect the dryer, ice maker, and collect the empty boxes. Greg, the young tv, stereo, wiring installer got the plama tv and speakers working by Monday evening, and we also got internet access last night, hooray! Now I can figure out where to find parks, preschools, post offices, hooray!

Now that we have a second car and less installation folks coming by, I'm hoping the girls and I can get out today. Maybe to a park. I think I'm going to need some adult interaction soon!

Lots of work to do, but we're getting there.

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