Monday, November 28, 2005

Various updates & Santa photo

Hmmm. It's been a while since I updated this. We had a nice, quiet Thanksgiving, which suited us just fine. That is after Jake returned home. We put him in the backyard first thing in the morning and off he went (under the gap in the fence we suspect). So after an hour of searching in two cars, we returned home. Shortly after, Jake was sitting in the backyard, dirty and with a small cut on his face. From that point on, the day was calm. The weather on Thanksgiving day was beautiful. While I did some cooking Rene did some yard work and straightened up the garage. We're working our way through turkey soup, and then we'll be done with the leftovers.

The next day, we crazily went to the Augusta mall. We ordered a mattress for our guest bedroom, and got to see Santa. I had gotten the girls matching Christmas dresses. Erin, as usual, wants to wear hers all the time. I tried to put it on Lauren and she wanted nothing to do with it. Lauren did not want to see Santa, either. Erin, as usual, was prepared for Santa and what she wanted to tell him and ask him. ("Where's Rudolph?") So, I only have a picture of Erin with Santa (see below), but it came out pretty good. And since Lauren refuses to put on a dress, I guess I'll be using the family portrait from Long Beach Island this summer as our Christmas card.

Later we rode our bikes down the bike path (Rene pulling the girls in the Burley trailer) to the Savannah Rapids Pavilion park, next to the Savannah River. The kids played in the park and then we ate turkey sandwiches. (Note: Burley trailers are great for siblings to torture each other as each is confined close to each other.)

Saturday, we took a drive to Aiken, SC. The downtown is very cute, and there were people walking around in old fashioned clothes for the start of the Christmas season.

Erin has been doing fairly well at school, but after the first 2 days, she started saying "I don't want to go to school!" as we got closer. This seems to have gotten better after the long weekend. On the Monday before Thanksgiving, the 4 year olds had a Thanksgiving "feast". Lauren and I went to watch. Erin and classmates were dressed as Indians, and the other kids were dressed as pilgrims. They sat around a teepee and fake campfire and sang Thanksgiving songs. Then they feasted on turkey, corn on the cob, apple and brownies. Just like the pilgrims! : )

Erin's school (and other schools in the area) have a Mom's Morning Out program for the smaller kids. The only slot they have open is Fridays, so the Friday before Thanksgiving I dropped off Lauren. She cried for 15 seconds. I waited, waited some more, and heard no crying. The teachers said she had a good day, so I guess we'll go again.

Those are the updates for now. Here's Erin's Santa photo (click on photo to see larger version, and use browser back button to return here):

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