Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Whenever I talk to folks, they seem to have the same questions, so I thought I'd cover them here.

Do you like it there?

Yes, so far. I feel like we've been too busy to have strong feelings. We know it will take time. We like our house, and our neighbors. I'm about to start getting involved with some Moms club things, and have invited someone over from Erin's school for a play date, so that should start to make us feel connected. Of course we miss all our California friends very much!

Does Rene like his job?

Yes, so far. He's working very hard. As a matter of fact, starting today, he's going to go in a little later (8 am!) and stay later (8 or after). This is for the next few weeks. The project he's working on should be over by the end of the year. He's working on the Seibel implementation team on the analytics portion of the project. He enjoys the fact that he's learning a lot and he likes the people he works with. Of course he won't like missing dinner with me and the girls, and he likely won't see the girls before they go to bed. The good news is that he's very close to home, and once in a while can come home for lunch.

What's different in Augusta?

Things generally seem cheaper. Day care, gas, houses, etc. Iced tea is usually served "sweet". As mentioned before, Martinez is pronounced "Mar-tin-ez". People speak with southern accents, although I've met a number of transplants. Why even Santa seemed to adopt a southern accent when we visited him at the Autusta mall! We get our garbage picked up twice a week instead of once. I don't have to work here. There seem to be more churches around here (all kinds). Erin will be starting her ballet class this week, so we'll see how that's different from our California dance class.

Did you get a plumber yet?

Aaaagh! Had one plumber come, diagnose the problem, said their boss would need to provide estimate. Never heard from them! I called the office, they said they'd call back, never heard from them! So I have a new plumber coming (hopefully!) on Thursday! This will be #3. I don't think I ever relayed the original problem. Our first day in the house, and Rene was in our master bathroom taking a shower. Robbin, the girls and I were downstairs in the kitchen. All of a sudden we see water coming through the ceiling! Good thing we were there. The way Rene takes showers, the house could have floated to the Savannah River had we not seen the problem. So, here we are a month later, and we still can't use our master bath shower! The jacuzzi tub works fine, however. :)

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