Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Holidays are here!

And they came with a fever. Lauren had a 103 fever yesterday, but was in good spirits with some motrin. Still we stayed in and had a "sick day". I ended up doing grocery shopping after Lauren fell asleep last night. She slept well and seems to be better.

Today the girls and I drive to Columbia, SC to pick up Nana and PopPop (or "Pop" as Lauren calls him) from the airport there. There's a direct flight from Laguardia to Columbia and it was cheaper than flying to Augusta. It's a little over an hour drive, not bad.

Erin's so excited about Christmas. She keeps making things for us and giving them right away. We tell her we'd like to wait for our presents, but she wants us to have them right away. On Monday we went to the mom's club holiday party and Erin made bookmarks. I told her to give them to daddy for a Christmas present, but she gave them yesterday. She also made a nice serving tray for us that we've opened already. As per Erin, "You could serve brownies or cookies on it, if you like." We have two advent calendars and every morning Erin is excited to open the "doors".

Lauren is talking so much more. She says Erin "Eh in" and stuck "guck". It's amazing how many things get "guck" throughout the day. She also says gone a lot. For example, if Dora is on tv, and then it is over, she says "Gone". Last week when Erin was at school, Lauren found a pair of Erin's shoes, brought them to me and said: "Erin. Shoes. Gone."

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