Thursday, December 29, 2005

It wouldn't be the holidays...

without someone being sick. The day after Christmas, Erin was sick, and I didn't feel so hot myself. Luckily the next day we were feeling better.

This morning I got up early with Nanna and PopPop and drove them to the Columbia, SC airport. Their plane left 1/2 hour late, but hopefully they'll be home soon.

Last night there were tornado watches for the area. The power went out momentarily. A reminder that we need to have a few flashlights in strategic places. We then decided to take out Chinese food. As we were driving through the torrential rain to pick up the food, Erin said, "Who would go out in this weather to get Chinese food?" Crazy us, that's who.

We have almost a week until Erin starts school again, and we'll have to come up with some interesting things to do before then. Erin is very creative. Yesterday, on her own, she taped some cone shaped coffee filters together & painted them to make butterflies. Still, there's only so many things we can do with paper plates and coffee filters!

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