Monday, January 16, 2006


Yesterday we went to the EdVenture children's museum in Columbia, SC. Now we have two fun reasons to visit Columbia: the Riverbanks Zoo and EdVenture.

First, we ventured downtown. Most of downtown seemed closed for Sunday, but then we made our way to the Vista area, where we found many restaurants. It was really a nice area. We ate at the Liberty tap room. Erin drew a picture of the Statue of Liberty, after copying it from the children's menu. She's becoming quite the artist. She can copy pictures and does a good job. It's 6 am this morning, Erin and Lauren are painting at the kitchen table. We like to paint.

After our lunch, we headed to the Edventure children's museum. This is a great place! There was lots to do, including the "world's largest kid". You could walk inside his brain, ride down a slide in his body. You could also pretend to be a dentist, doctor, grocer, cook, firefighter with real clothes & a real fire truck to climb on. Lauren's favorite was the art room and the music room where you could jump on a musical hopscotch board. We coudn't get her off. Erin enjoyed getting her face painted like a butterfly. We'll definitely be visiting Edventure again.

Today is Monday, MLK day. And sadly, Rene left this morning for Jacksonville, Florida. He returns Friday. He's staying at the World Golf Village, whoo hoo! Too bad he has no interest in golf.

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