Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Rant 1: Need to register Erin for kindergarten soon. Georgia requires proof of immunization, etc from doctor. Erin is not due for a checkup until she's 5. Georgia won't accept California doctor's records. So, try to get her into pediatrition. Person at pediatrician's office keeps saying she's not due for a checkup, insurance won't cover. Then I say, "How do I get this paperwork filled out so I can register her for kindergarten?" "Well, we'd need to see her." "OK, can I bring her in?" "Well, no she's not due for a checkup until July." And so it goes... I offer to pay cash, not even deal with insurance. This really throws her. So now I'm hold with insurance company. Then I call back pediatrician. On hold for 35 minutes! They reluctantly make me an appointment. Then I go to mom's club playgroup and find out I can take Erin to health dept any Friday. So I can gladly cancel pediatrician appointment.

Rant 2: I ordered two barstools for our kitchen island. Wrong one came in. Now I have to return this big old box! Yuck. Ordered shelves from Pottery Barn kids for girls room. Realized I had ordered 2 sets of 2, so now I have 4 shelves instead of 2. Ordered books from Amazon and inadvertantly had them sent to our old California address. Not having luck with ordering online!

Rant 3: Last week get a message from shower pan/shower door install guy. "Give me a call." So I give him a call & leave my cell phone number. No return call. Next day, I get a human. I tell her I'm returning shower guy's call. She says he'll call me within hour. No return call. Third day, I get same human. I explain that shower guy wanted me to call HIM, so I'm not sure why I can't get him to talk to me. On hold for 10 minutes then he gets on phone. Wants to know what side of the shower door the handle should be on. Uh, couldn't he have left that in the message and then I could have left the info on his answering machine.

Good news from yesterday: Erin got into soccer for spring! She had been on waiting list. Hooray!

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