Sunday, January 22, 2006

Not that Georgia Aquarium

Yesterday we went to Magnolia Springs State Park and the aquarium there. No, not that aquarium. Not the new Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta that is huge and cool. The aquarium we went to had at most 20 windows of displays. There wasn't even anyone working there.

Then we walked to the park, which was very nice. We saw lots of signs advising us not to feed the alligators. We saw lots and lots of turtles. Finally, Rene and Erin took a walk and indeed saw a big alligator. Erin did not want to observe him for long! It was a nice park.

Oh, by the way, diet update. Have lost a total of 7.8 pounds. Of course, after the park we went to Pizza Hut and previously I had some of Erin & Rene's banana bread. I try to let myself have one day where I don't focus too much on watching what I eat. Seems to be working.

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