Friday, January 13, 2006

Friday, wonderful Friday

Today is Friday. Why are Fridays good? Let me count the ways:

* It's a movie night! Whoo hoo. What will it be? Barbie Fairytopia? Sleeping Beauty?

* It's a school day for Lauren! That means mom's morning to herself! Hooray! Haircut today.

* It's a late day at school for Erin. Some Fridays, the kids can stay late (until 3:00) for $5. (Can you say, bargain?) Erin has never wanted to do this before, but she requested to do it today. Which means she must be more comfortable with school. Actually, we've been meeting her friend Sam (Samantha, not that mean Samuel in her class who is also a Sam) for playdates and I think they really enjoy playing together. Which means I'll be back and forth to Aldersgate a few times: drop off both girls, pick up Lauren at 1:00, pick up Erin at 3:00, but that's OK.

* Rene is taking day off! He had to use up two days leftover from last year, so this will be one. Rene will be travelling to Florida next week for work, so it will be nice to have him home today. And what will Rene be doing with his day off? While he'll be preparing for ....

THE BEAST! Since we have a new grill, Rene bought a new cookbook on grillin', so he's preparing a Beast (that would be a Feast to the rest of you.) We'll have chicken, homemade ice cream, and maybe some grilled veggies. The only problem is that it looks like it might rain for our Beast. Might have to use the grill in the garage. Note that I keep saying "grill", not "barbecue". In the south, you do not barbecue food, you grill it. Barbecue is a noun referring to a type of food that is prepared on a grill and I assume prepared with some special barbecue sauce.

IN OTHER NEWS: We'll be having some visitors in coming months. Uncle John will stop by on his way to Florida at the end of January. And Rene's son Alexander will visit us for his spring break in March. Hooray! We're trying to see if Rene's dad & brother can come at that time as well.

Finally, I was thinking about what do to for a semi blank wall in the kitchen. I found some web sites that will give you quotes to stick on the wall in any size, font, color. One is Wallwords, and the other is Wonderful Graffiti. Was perusing the quotes and while there are many inspirational ones, nothing grabbed me. I thought about putting up "Parsley, Sage, Rosemary & Thyme", but that seemed boring. Then I found this quote. I think it appropriately reflects our sense of humor, but not sure if people would think we were strange. Thoughts, anyone?

Very stupid to kill the servants. Now we don't even know where to find the marmalade.

-Agatha Christie

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