Saturday, January 07, 2006

Happy anniversary, baby! Happy 2006!

First of all, today is Rene and my anniversary. It took me a long time to find the love of my life, but it was worth the wait! We've had a lot of joy the past five years. I love you, Rene!

Second, lost 5.2 pounds this week on WW! This is pretty typical for me on the first week of a diet. From then on, it's usually slow going. Of course, I went off the diet a bit today...

We drove to Athens, GA, today. It's a pretty cool little town. Lots of neat restaurants and stores. Athens is home of the University of Georgia and the Georgia Bulldogs (Go Dawgs!), which would explain the many bulldog statues around town. (Will update this post with pictures in a day or two). Athens is also the home of the musical groups REM and the B52's. We had lunch, walked around, and had a nice day. We stopped briefly at the Callaway Plantation in Washington, GA and walked around. We returned home and spent sometime playing outside. We spend a lot of time "cooking" in our play kitchen. Then we got take out Thai food for dinner. Yum!

On Wednesday, Erin returned to preschool in the mornings, and Lauren went on Friday. After school on Friday, we met Erin's friend Sam from school and her mom, Sandy at a nearby park. We're back into our routine. Next week it's our turn to bring the "letter of the week" snack on Friday. Our letter is "N". Nutterbutters? Nilla wafers? Nectarines? Decisions, decisions.

PS that song "happy anniversary baby" has been in my mind all day. Who sings it? Ah, what would I do without Google? The Little River Band. Thank you, Google. Thank you too for your stock price. Those of you who scoffed at my purchase (you know who you are, Rene), are now now thankful for my 401k balance.

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